familyOur mission is simply to help average people make money online so that they can enjoy their life. That is really what GVM is all about. HOW we do this is another thing. Through manual labor, proven marketing strategies and tactics combined with our fully automated GVM system we will work hard to generate money for our users from the moment they sign up.



How and why the idea was born
The idea to GVM was born by one of the founders when he faced an unexpected problem after becoming a millionaire through his online based businesses at the young age of 33. The uncommon problem was simply that he had no one to share all of his spare time with. All his friends were tied up with their jobs and families and even though some of them did very well financially no one seemed to have true freedom. They were not able to leave their jobs and travel around the world, go shopping or play golf during the week days. They were all stuck at their jobs and the little time they had at hand went to take care of all the “musts” in their lives.

So the desire to create a platform and a system that could give everybody the freedom they deserve was born. It’s no fun beeing a millionaire if you have no true friends to share the experience with.

Once you start making real money with GVM your friends and family will soon follow and then you can really enjoy life, together with the ones that you care about.